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   HR Fitness: The Official Site Of Hugo Rivera  


The Official Website of International Best Selling Fitness Author and Bodybuilding Champion Hugo Rivera, CFT, SPN, BSCE.

Best selling author of the Body Sculpting Bible for Men and the Body Sculpting Bible for Women and Creator of the Body Re-Engineering System

Here at HR Fitness my goal is to eliminate the confusion that exists on how to get the body of your dreams and to provide you with the most up to date information on how to get in shape. In this website I will share with you my knowledge collected over 18 years of training and dieting as a drug free bodybuilder.

The purpose of this site is to share information for those interested in bodybuilding and body sculpting. What is the difference between Bodybuilding and Bodysculpting, one may ask? There is really not much difference other than the level at which you want the final results to fall under. For instance, a bodybuilder takes the task of muscle mass accumulation and fat loss to the extreme, while the Bodysculpter takes it to a more moderate level. While a bodybuilder may hover most of the time anywhere between 8-6% body fat (going as low as 2-3% body fat at contest time; if the bodybuilder is competitive), the Bodysculpter may be happy with a 10-12% bodyfat level with far less muscle. Needless to say, because of the nature of the bodybuilder's goal, he/she needs to be more disciplined about the training and the diet as when one wants such an extreme level of development, only an equally extreme adherence to training and nutrition specifications will allow for the accomplishment of such goals.

Now that we have discussed what this site is about, I hope that after browsing my page, you feed from my experience and use my knowledge to reach your individual goals; whether this might be losing a few inches from the waist and toning up for the beach on summer, winning a bodybuilding contest or just gaining muscle weight, toning up and losing fat weight just for the sake of doing it.

What’s New

Last Updated August 25, 2007

Hugo's new Body Building e-book and online members area has now been updated with even more bonus material, check out Body Re-Engineering here:

1) Click here to check out as now Hugo Rivera is the new bodybuilding guide for this site. Updated on a weekly basis!

2) The new and revised Body Sculpting Bible for Men and Body Sculpting Bible for Women are now available! These new versions have around 400 pages of information plus a free exercise description DVD! Get your copy today!

3) Take a look at Hugo's 2007 Bodybuilding Guide on

4) Hugo wins his class (welterweight) at the 2007 Southern States Championships and takes 4th at the NPC USAs weighing in as a welterweight at 158-lbs. Click here for pictures from Muscular Development taken by Bill Comstock. (Note: The pictures with the red posing trunks are from the evening finals and the dark blue are from the pre-judging a day earlier. I looked my best at pre-judging as I overdehydrated for the evening finals.)

5) Check out Hugo's new Myspace at:


My Brand New Body Re-Engineering
E-Book & Private Online Members Area

Natural Bodybuilding with Hugo Rivera

If you are confused about how to gain muscle and lose fat as fast as humanly possible, then the Body Re-Engineering e-book & system is for you. Developed after years of documentation and trial and error I have being able to put together a system that will yield consistent muscle mass gains week after week. The system works no matter who you are or what shape you are in and it is tailored towards your specific metabolism and goals. I named it Body Re-Engineering since you will literally be Re-Engineering the way you look.

If you want enormous strength, rock hard, tightly defined muscles, a small waist, ripped abs, a massive back, a majestic chest, powerful biceps/triceps and legs, and the capacity to outperform your peers by an enormous margin, my system can make it happen faster than you ever though possible. My system will pile on mass on top of mass even after you have maxed out with traditional training techniques. No more bulking up and trimming down. No more losing size to get cut. This system will give you everything you need to know so that you can grow and lose fat at the same time.



Are You A Hard Gainer?
If so….
Get Your Copy of the Hardgainer’s Handbook of Bodybuilding

Specially designed with the Hardgainer’s individual metabolic/recuperation requirements in mind. In this book you will find a periodized model geared towards the hardgainer’s unique recuperative requirements along with a nutrition plan that is guaranteed to add the slabs of muscle and achieve the weight gain that you are looking for.

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